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Greetings from Carey Baptist Church, India

William Carey is known as the “father of modern missions.” In 1793, he travelled from England to Calcutta as a missionary. In 1809 he founded what is now known as Carey Baptist Church in Calcutta. We were privileged to receive this letter from Carey Baptist Church for our launch in September: Sept 28, 2013 Pastor […]

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October Update

We’ve Launched! On Saturday, September 28, we held our first formal service as a church. We set up our chairs and sound equipment, and nervously waited for our guests to arrive. They did, and we had a great first service. I wish you could have been there. Here are some pictures from the evening: You […]

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Photos from Our Launch

Thanks to those who prayed for the launch service of Liberty Grace Church last Saturday night. It was a good night. We had a number of people attend from the local community, as well as some supporters and friends. Olivia Chow, our Member of Parliament, also joined us. While we are about more than a […]

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April Update

153 Days Sunday, September 29 is exactly five months from today. It’s the day we have penciled in our calendar for the public launch of Liberty Grace Church. It’s the day we lay out the welcome mat and begin public worship services in Liberty Village. A public launch isn’t everything. In a sense, we’ve already […]

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To Do List

Keep the motive clear (2 Timothy 2:10). Dream about what God wants to do here. A good place to start: read the book of Acts. Build community (John 13:35). Explore what it means to be missional (see Tangible Kingdom Primer). Work towards mission. Four ways: building relationships, serving the community, starting a worship service, and […]

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It’s Time

We’ve been working and praying towards the launch of a new church in Liberty Village. We’ve met tons of interesting people along the way, and we’ve been encouraged that God is in this. Now it’s time to move to the next stage. It’s time to move from Liberty Grace Church as an idea, and to […]

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Liberty Grace Church – First Public Event

On Sunday, July 15 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Liberty Grace Church is going public in Liberty Village! We are very excited to have a table at the Liberty Village Farmers Market where we will offer corn, Liberty Grace bottled water and face painting as we build connections with people who live in the […]

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